Record high-definition video
in any lighting and review it
right from your car

Welcome to Spider Auto Cam!

SpiderAutoCam is an ideal EYE-WITNESS to determine what actually happened during a traffic collision. 1ch/2ch/3ch/4ch record high-resolution digital video images and indoor audio on a SD memory card or a hard disk drive. 15 seconds of events prior to the collision and 15 seconds of events immediately following the collision are recorded. With its external GPS system linked with Google® maps the SpiderAutoCam system lets you see the exact route your car took. The included SpiderAutoCam viewer will show your video footage alongside the Google® map of your trip featuring both your bearing and a speedometer.

Furthermore, many important driving data such as position, speed, acceleration, braking and steering are recorded. The recording data can be played back to provide accurate facts of a collision. Stay safe and be protected at all times from the moment the ignition is turned on until it is turned off.

Our product is an excellent recording solution as a car camera, ambulance camera, truck camera, bus camera, taxi camera, limousine camera or any corporate or government vehicle camera. Capture information for insurance purposes, peace of mind or monitoring corporate vehicles. GPS tracking captures travel path as well as rates of speed. Combination of dual/triple/quad view video, audio, and GPS playback simultaneously creates a synergistic information source greater than the sum of its parts, resulting in an almost irrefutable source of evidence of driving history.

Individual Use
- Protect private vehicles
- Monitor young drivers
- Prevent insurance fraud
- Record family road trips
Commercial Use
- Monitor company drivers
- Video record vehicle abuse
- Prevent insurance fraud
- Document driving conditions
- Protect commercial vehicles
Law Enforcement Use
- Video record suspicious activities
- Document driving conditions
- Train officers
- Support activities of officers
Government Use
- Document driving habits
- Video record travel paths
- Train agents
- Video record emergencies
- Prevent vandalism